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Hello, and welcome to the Northern mini-game weekend!

The event is organized by Rovaniemen liveroolipelaajat ry and Oulun interaktiiviset eläytyjät ry, both registered larp organizations in Rovaniemi and Oulu. The event itself will be held in Rovaniemi, in camping centre Leirikari. The venue holds all modern niceties, indoor toilets, showers, sauna, two kitchens and beds for 70 people.

The venue is separated into three buildings - the main building has two stories, both with halls and separate sleeping rooms. The second, "lower" building has two larger bedrooms, kitchen and an adjoining hall space. Sauna includes two shower rooms and dressing rooms which can also be utilized. This makes Leirikari a very versatile place to run multiple different kind of games.

This event is meant for people interested in running and participating in smaller scale larps, solitary scenarios, or meta technique testing. We wish that the proposed larps/scenarios/what-have-yous last max. 6 hours and include no more than 20 people, but this is very negotiable. If you are interested in either coming to run your own what-have-you, or participating in some of the English language or no language required -sets we already have prepared, please contact us! We can be found on Facebook under the Pohjoinen minipeliviikonloppu -event or by email at rolli.pelit (at)

Rovaniemi can easily be reached from just about anywhere in Finland by car, by train or by plane. The venue itself is further away from town, right next to a bus stop, but we do not very much recommend on relying on public transportation here. We are able to get you a ride from your fellow participants or an organizer vehicle for sure!

One more note: as the organizing parties are youth organizations, this is a non-alcoholic event. Intoxication and possession of alcohol on the venue is strictly forbidden. Any alcohol found on the premises will be destroyed, and any intoxicated participants will be removed. We also do not approve of any other drugs harder than tobacco. Smoking is limited to the designated smoking areas.

Interested? Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us! On Facebook: or at rolli.pelit (at)