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But You Didn’t Say No / Mutta et kieltäytynyt

Have you ever felt deep regret or shame when looking back on a situation where you failed to say No? Or do you feel like you were coerced or pressured into something you didn’t want, which ultimately had serious consequences for you? But You Didn’t Say No is a short larp about exactly this feeling. About reminiscing. About making peace with yourself. Four players live through four scenarios, in which they each take on the role of the person on the receiving end of the pain and suffering caused by them not backing out, or their hesitation being taken as consent.

This game can be run in English.

Mutta et kieltäytynyt on lyhyt larppi siitä tunteesta, kun ei osaa kieltäytyä, tai tulee painostetuksi tilanteeseen johon ei halunnut. Peli käsittelee muistelemista ja anteeksiantoa. Peli pelataan oletusarvoisesti englanniksi, mutta voidaan pelauttaa myös suomeksi.

Written by Jasmin Räbsamen, Verena Lade and Laura Wood

Run by Emmi Tähtinen