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Robin Hood’s Last Stand

The beginning of the legend of Robin Hood has been told many times, but how about the end? Robin Hood’s Last Stand explores an alternative, less-than-glorious finale for the adventures of the merry man in green. The story is not one of those child-friendly adventure stories, where the heroes effortlessly succeed in everything they do, but rather dark and even depressing in tone.
The Sheriff of Nottingham has finally got the Merry Men Robin Hood and his Merry Men surrounded. The only thing keeping him from storming the hideout is the Merry Men holding Guy of Gisbourne hostage. Robin Hood's Last Stand goes through this seemingly hopeless situation in six scenes that flow almost seamlessly into each other.
The game fits six players (including one NPC) nicely, but can be expanded up to eight. The materials are written in English, but the game can be played in any language.

Peli pelataan oletusarvoisesti englanniksi, mutta se voidaan pelata myös suomeksi.

Pelinjohtaja Olli Hakkarainen