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We Were Almost Heroes / Melkein sankareita

I’m not Batman. You’re not Batman. In fact, nobody sitting in this room is Batman. And we never will be.
We almost were heroes is a MiniLarp about superheroes whose powers are as good as useless, which is why they all flunked out of superhero college. They meet in a support group. What have the heroes been up to? It’s about traumatic experiences, bitterness and accepting the fact that you will never be one of the big ones. It’s about kindred spirits. About self-love. And about the most useless superpowers in the whole wide world.

This game can be run in English.

Melkein sankareita on turhimpien supersankareiden tukikokouksesta kertova minilarppi, jossa käsitellään katkeruutta, itsensä hyväksymistä ja rakastamista, sekä maailman turhimpia supervoimia.

Written by Jasmin Räbsamen

Run by Aura Sandell